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Haunted Boat

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Horror Rated R. When the young Kevin gets the boat of his dead uncle as a gift, he invites five friends of him to a trip to Catalina Island for the weekend. While in the journey, they drink booze, have sex and play games, with each one of them telling his or her greatest fear. Later Kevin drowns in the open sea, the engine stops, and they are haunted and murdered by their greatest innermost fear. I can see this 2005 low-budget Indie film being bashed for being amongst other things, a mess. Well it's a "mess' because that was what Director Olga Levensm who also co-wrote the film, to be. She wanted this to be a film that made you think, to come up with your own reason why things happened and how the movie ended. The cast is made up of unknowns and are average at best, but good enough to carry their parts out and make them believable. The film's strong point is it its eeriness and the confusion surround the events and how different things and were happening. I would recommend this to those that are not afraid to venture away from the mainstream film's and into some a bit different. Still, when taken for what it is, "A head trip" it's rather enjoyable and easily overcomes it's limited budget. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. *** Out Of *****