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The Page Turner

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Drama/Thriller NR. Mélanie Prouvost, a ten-year-old butcher's daughter, is a gifted piano player. That is why her parents and herself decide that she sit for the Conservatory entrance exam. Mélanie is very likely to be admitted, unfortunately she gets distracted by the president of the jury's offhand attitude and she fails. Ten years later, Mélanie becomes the former president of the jury's page turner, waiting patiently to be revenged. The strength of this film is in the acting and the direction, Director Denis Dercourt does a magnificent job slowly building the story and the tension which allows us to see Melanie's malicious behaviour slowly in detail. Déborah François who portrays Melanie is incredible, she has that look of someone bent on evil, the quiet yet chilling look is fantastic. Catherine Frot is also wonderful as the woman how shattered Melanie's dreams and is now the unsuspecting victim. The film plays out slow but is never boring and is a real showcase of how a great film can be made on a low budget. I highly recommend owning this DVD today. Released by Tartan Video. ***** Out oF *****