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Sci-Fi Rated PG. A massive asteroid impact on the moon begins causing storms on earth due to the sudden changes in ocean tides. But when further examination is conducted it's discovered that the moon's structure is now entirely unstable -- threatening all life on earth. With time running out, a team of scientists turn to one man, demolitions expert John Redding (Baldwin), in effort to find a solution and secure the moon as massive debris hits the earth wiping out whole cities at a time. Stunning special effects and a doomsday scenario bring the suspense stunningly close to home. I am a sucker for disaster films and maybe that's why I do not agree with many of the reviews I have read on this film claiming that it's horrible. People seem to forget the difference between a $100M budget and a low budget made for tv movie. I liked the cast from the start here, Stephen Baldwin has always been a likable actor and he does a good job as a demolitions expert called in by the government to help solve the problem of the moon breaking apart and destroying life on earth as we know it. The rest of the cast including Dirk Benedict and Anna Silk all play their character's well. Taking this for what it was I enjoyed the movie and was never bored and in the end I felt like I was at least entertained. The effects were about average for a made for television film, nothing fantastic but good enough that you get the point. Over-all this was an enjoyable sci-fi and fan's of the genre that are looking for something different to watch tonight might want to give this movie a try. Released by First Look Home Entertainment.*** Out Of *****