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How You Look to Me

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When his family threatens to stop footing the bill for his freewheeling ways, William (Bruce Romans) reluctantly returns to grad school, where he falls in love with a fellow student (Laura Allen) who wants nothing to do with him. Winning her over might just mean growing up. Romans also wrote this telling romantic charmer, co-starring Frank Langella. Bruce Romans who also wrote the script stars as Bill, a young man who who spent too much time chasing after women then doing what he has the talent for,writing. The film only gets good when Bill meets a beautiful blond and it changes the way he thinks about everything in his life. This is a charming Indie film that doesn't try too hard to be any more than it really is. The cast is very good and Romans and Laura Allen have great chemistry together. Also Frank Langella star's as Professor Driskoll and even if it's a subtle role for him he manages to look big each time he's on screen. This is a well-written and directed drama/romance that delivers on what it promises and fan's of the genre should do themselves a favor and pick this title up today. Released by MTI Video. *** 1/2 Out Of *****