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The Last Letter

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Thriller Rated R. Jack Hamilton has been on trial for the brutal murders of fourteen men, women and children. This killer slays with particular cruelty: he first paralyzes his victims with drugs, then slowly bleeds them to death, basking in their fear and suffering. His calling card is a mysterious letter written on the victims' foreheads in their own blood. When the judge turns the case over to the jury for deliberations, eleven jurors are convinced Hamilton is guilty. The jury foreman, Mr. Griffith (William Forsythe) is sure that an innocent man has been accused of crimes he didnšt commit. As the jury reviews the evidence, Mr. Griffith begins to punch holes in the prosecutionšs case. Votes are swayed; Hamiltonšs guilt is now in doubt. But Ms. Toney (Yancy Butler) disapproves of the way Mr. Griffith is changing the other jurors' minds. Their differences with each other soon reach the point of direct confrontation, with devastating consequences for both. In this jury room, only one thing is for certain: nothing is what it seems. This low budget Indie film is a good example of how a excellent movie can me made on a low budget with just some good actors and story. To say too much regarding the story would ruin the film for you but if you like a good thriller this is one you will enjoy. The film starts off a little slow but as we begin to find out about the killer and the jurors things begin to heat up and the ending is full of some very nice twists. The acting here is pretty good for the most part with the stand-outs being Yancy Butler and William Forsythe. If your looking for something different from the usual this is an excellent thriller made on a very small budget that keeps you interested and guessing till the very end. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****