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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Rashida Jones

Director: Jesse Peretz

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2011

Rating: R

Naive and trusting Ned (Rudd), released from prison after selling pot to a uniformed policeman, is haplessly thrown upon the kindness of his three sisters (Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer, and Zooey Deschanel). Naturally, Hollywood protocol dictates that each of them is messed up in their own special way, that they resent Ned's return to their lives, and that each of them learns something from Ned's open heart.

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Our Idiot Brother premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was well-received enough that the Weinstein Company picked it up for distribution. The film never received a wide theatrical release due to it being an Independent film, told in an Indie style. The film delivers it's Indie style story-telling in spite of it's terrific A-list cast which includes, Paul Ruud, Elizabeth Banks and the adorable, multi-talented Zooey Deschanel to name a few. I was really looking forward to seeing this one simply because I love the cast and I'm a big fan and supporter of Independent cinema and for the most part I wasn't let down.

The premise is pretty simple really, what is rewritten above is about all you need to know and it's really all there is as far as story goes, there's not much plot wise which you can say is the down side of the film. The good side to the film is it's amazing character development and it's incredible cast that brings life and a certain warmness to their roles as well as plenty of laughs. One more down side was in the film's early promotion, the trailer makes the film out to be a laugh a minute comedy when in fact it really isn't that at all. Sure there are plenty of laughs like I said but this is more a cute-funny rather than any mainstream comedy today. The film also has a little bit of drama which mixes in well with the zaniness of the characters and situations that are going on.

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This is an ensemble cast so for me there was no one actor that stole the show here, instead they all stood out and each and everyone had great chemistry together. If you asked me if this is a film I would watch again I would have to say maybe for the cast of characters alone but I don't thing many will revisit it, most will enjoy it don't get me wrong but it's not really the kind of film that demands multiple viewings at least not for me.

"Our Idiot Brother" isn't a film about an idiot after-all, instead it's a film about a laid back guy who isn't afraid to speak his mind and you have to love that. I enjoyed the film and thought it was filled with cute, warm situations and a remarkable cast, if you're looking for a laugh out loud comedy look elsewhere but if you want to see something a bit different that still leaves you feeling good then I highly recommend picking this up.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray, both come with Special Features that include:

Feature Commentary from Director Jesse Peretz

Deleted and Extended Scenes

Making of Our Idiot Brother

You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****