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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Desmond Harrington, Jonny Abrahams, Liane Balaban, Barry Corbin, Will Estes, Elden Henson, Christian Kane, Sunny Mabrey, Kathleen Robertson, Sara Rue

Director: Jeff Stephenson

Genre: Drama

Year: 2010

Rating: N/A

A romantic drama about a tight-knit group of college friends who graduated from NYU the year of 9/11 and reunite years later for a weekend wedding in Georgia.

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You can call Not Since you "The Big Chill" for the 21st century because in a lot of ways it is similar, a group of friends reuniting after many years for a weekend wedding, but don't be fooled this is a powerful story of friendship all on it's own. Over the years certain things between this once close knit group of friends have gone unresolved including certain conflicts and lost loves and each one will have to face their problems head on in order to find that bond they once had before the weekend is over. This is a drama that anyone can relate too, the characters are realistic and their situations are as believable as our own. You quickly become attached to each and everyone in the film and you care about them as deeply as you would your own friends. I am not going to go into each character's problems here because frankly I don't want to ruin the film for any of you that might not of seen the film yet. The film's cast are as amazing as the story itself, Desmond Harrington, Jonny Abrahams, Liane Balaban, Barry Corbin and Will Estes are only some of the fantastic ensemble, the film-makers could not of picked a better group of actors to star in this brilliant drama. Brent Laffoon, Jane Kelly Kosek and Jeff Stephenson did an great job on the screenplay and Director, Jeff Stephenson did a fantastic job at bringing it all together, keeping a terrific pace and getting the best of the entire cast. Everything works to perfection here, from the beautiful settings to the camera work right down to the film's music that seemed to fit each and every scene perfectly, it was almost a character all it's own. Not Since You is an touching Indie drama that is heart felt, funny, romantic and thought-provoking, it has a story everyone can relate to and characters that you feel deeply about.

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I was taken in right from the start when the cast credits ran over the top of a collage of photos of the group, happier times perhaps but in the end I was left feeling good and one big smile on my face.

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***** Out Of *****