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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Brett Moses, Michael Parks, Lee Ann Womack, Ryan Hurst, Dominique Swain, James Parks, Wes Brown

Director: Dan McMellen,Brett Moses

Genre: Drama

Year: 2009

Rating: R

Jimmy Wayne Collins (Brett Moses, who also co-directs), a country star with a career gone bust, drifts home to Texas to nurse his dying father, Pete (Michael Parks). But it's the severed ties of his youthful past that he truly hopes to mend in this thoughtful drama. After locating his brother (Ryan Hurst) in prison and his old sweetheart (Dominique Swain) in a grocery aisle, Jimmy realizes there's more than one way to lead an honorable life.

This is a pretty terrific film all around, you have a wonderful story mixed with great acting, beautiful camera work and great songs. In many films the use of flashbacks can become over whelming or just confuse the viewer but here it does a terrific job at developing the story so you get to know the characters better and by doing so it helps to create a bond, you feel something for each and everyone of them in some way. This is one of those movies that everyone can relate to in some way. The film is a mix as far as genres go, there are sad moments that will have you in tears but there are also some very funny moments as well as just the right amount of action. It will certainly have you on an emotional roller coaster. No trailer will do this justice and me telling you about the story would be a crime since this is one of those little gems that only comes around every so often. A must see film that is well written, directed, and acted plus a story that grabs hold of you from the opening frames and never lets go till the credits begin to roll. This is a must own DVD so run out and pick it up today because there just isn't many movies made today that touch an audience like Noble Things does. This is one that you will be telling friends and family about and it is a film that stays with you long after it is over.

Released by Monarch Home Video

***** Out Of *****