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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Hank Azaria, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Amy Adams, Robin Williams, Christopher Guest, Steve Coogan, Bill Hader, Alain Chabat, Jon Bernthal

Director: Shawn Levy

Genre: Comedy/Family/Adventure

Year: 2009

Rating: PG

Ben Stiller (Meet The Parents, There’s Something About Mary) stars as Larry Daley, a former night watchman at the Museum of Natural History, where the exhibits come alive after dark. But now Larry’s nocturnal friends are being retired to the archives of the Smithsonian Institution, luring him back for a hilarious, all-out battle against a cranky Egyptian Pharaoh who plans to take over the museum... and the world!

I loved the first film and found it to be great family fun so I was really looking forward to this sequel but also knowing most are ever as good as their originals. What I was hoping with this one was that they would expand on the adventures a little more, the first film had it but with a story like this the possibilities are endless as far as that goes. So after sitting down to it I found that they did indeed expand on the adventures but again there is so much more that could of been explored. With all that being said I still believe that this one is even better than the firs film, in my opinion. The storyline continues as Larry now rich and successful, manages to get into the Smithsonian to save his historical exhibit friends who have been crated and prepared for storage. On the way he has a mini romance with Amelia Earhart, talks to bobble-head Einsteins and even re-connects with Teddy Roosevelt. This fantastic sequel brings action, humor and plenty of adventure with it as well as some amazing effects along the way. Amy Adams was terrific as Amelia Earhart, she stole the show every time she was on screen and she was a great addition to the film. A film the entire family can sit down to and enjoy together which doesn't happen often enough anymore. I had a ball watching this film and my daughter enjoyed it as well and has even gone back and watched it a second time. Parents and kids alike will enjoy the laughs and adventures and there is even some educational value along the way as well making this a must-own DVD. The film is available in mutilate choices such as:

Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

The Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack includes a high definition version of the film with over an hour of mayhem, mischief and monumental magic of outrageously funny features – including an interactive museum scavenger hunt game, gag reel, 12 deleted scenes with an alternate ending, “Cherub Bootcamp,” “Phinding Pharaoh With Hank Azaria” featurettes – a Digital Copy and a standard DVD.

Monkey Mischief

The limited edition “Monkey Mischief” double DVD boasts a second disc including over 30 minutes of entertainment complimenting the bonus materials featured on the first disc, including cast and crew commentary, six deleted scenes with an alternate ending, a gag reel, and more.

Single Disc

The Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian single disc DVD has one hour of special feature laughs from favorite stars including commentary by cast and crew, featurettes, six deleted scenes with an alternate ending, and a gag reel

Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

***** Out Of *****