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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Tangi Miller, Malik Yoba

Director: Steven Ayromlooi

Genre: Romantic/Comedy/Drama

Year: 2010

Rating: PG-13

Derek has spent his entire life plotting a course for his success. His diligence is about to pay off when he happens upon an unexpected detour. This "road less traveled" intrigues Derek so much so that he considers throwing away his entire well orchestrated life to experience the one thing his plan has yet to

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"My Girlfriend's Back" is advertised as a romantic comedy but it is a little more than that. Sure you have your funny moments in the film most of which are when Derek is hanging out with his buddies, but the film is also a drama as well. The law firm where Derek works is owned by his girlfriend's dad and after signing off on a big contract Derek and his girlfriend head off to her dad's house for dinner but when Becca announces that Derek and her are getting married he begins to wonder if it is for the right reasons. What makes things even more complicated is Derek's old girlfriend is back in town and after hooking back up with her he must decide to go for true love or instead put his career first.

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I did like the film but it isn't the comedy it is advertised to be so beware of that, it's more a romantic drama with some comedy tossed it to lighten the mood. The production looks good and the cast did an excellent job including, Tangi Miller and Malik Yoba. Also Director, Steven Ayromlooi did a nice job at keeping the film moving at a good pace even during the more dramatic scenes. Over-all the film was more entertaining than I expected it to be, I believe leaning more towards the dramatic aspect of the story made it that much better. I see it being a hit on DVD with some good word of mouth. If you like Urban comedies or romantic dramas then I suggest picking it up, "My Girlfriend's Back" brought more to the table than expected and that was a good thing. The DVD comes only with a image gallery but for fan's of the genre the film is enough.

Released by Lions Gate

*** Out Of *****