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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Adam Scarimbolo, Heidi Kristoffer, Greg Travis, Emily Grace

Director: Jeff Roening

Genre: Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Jim Cavanaugh is a shy suburban New Jersey teenager. His mom left when he was a child and his father is a real jerk. The unrelenting psychotic domination of his redneck father forces Jim to search out his long lost mother. His quest takes him to the backwoods of Jersey where he encounters semi-retarded hillbillies who have a taste for DIY circumcisions and Peterbilt trucks. Nobody escapes the bloodletting in this heartwarming tale of a family reunited.

In the beginning of the film you are not sure where the movie is heading, Jim is a teenager who lives with his father after his mother left them and his dad is a disturbing and perverted old man. After an episode with his girlfriend where his dad walks in on them and begins to ridicule them both Jim and a few friends decide to go in search of his mother. The trip leads them to what seems seems like a ghost town but something or someone is lurking around, out of sight and waiting for the time to strike. It doesn't take long for the murders to start and only Jim, his girlfriend and another female friend get away but the danger isn't over as the mother and two sons whose home the teens invaded head into town for some revenge. To tell you anymore about the story would ruin it since there are a few twists along the way that keep the film interested in between the gore scenes. The production isn't bad considering this is a low budget film and the acting was pretty strong from the leads here. This is a fun horror film that never takes itself too serious which is why it has it's fair share of humor in it as well, I found myself laughing out loud several times during the film. All involved seemed like they had a great time making the film and the audience feeds off that fun. For a Independent film shot in 11 days I thought the film-makers did a solid job using what they had to work with to their advantage. You can't take this horror flick serious but I felt the story was interesting enough and the few twists certainly help in keeping the viewer interested and wanting more plus there were was cool kills along the way as well. Mother's Day Massacre doesn't break any new ground but it succeeds in doing what it sets out to do and that is to show the audience a good time. If you like B-horror or slasher films in general I suggest picking this one up, I have to admit I wasn't sure about the film at first but as it moved along it got better and in the end I was pleasantly surprised by it. Oddly the film and it's title seem to make no sense since the film really has nothing to with Mom's day but in the end I didn't care because I had a good time watching it anyway. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Drunk Commentary

Head Surgery

13 Days of Bacon

Deleted Scenes

They sound like they could be as much fun as the film itself but The copy I received did not contain them so I cannot comment on any of it.

Released by Midnight Releasing

*** 1/2 Out Of *****