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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Barclay Iversen, Yuri Nanami, Joe Amos, Linden Young, Matthew Magennis

Director: Immanuel Martin

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2010

Rating: Unrated

Miyuki tells the story of the McKenzie's, an American family who take in a young female Japanese exchange student. At first their expectations of a sweet and innocent Japanese girl are realized but soon strange things start to happen. Initially Miyuki provides support to the family but when Liam, the McKenzie's 18-year-old son suspects that Miyuki is behind the strange occurrences, the family turns on him. Leaving his family alone with Miyuki, Liam takes refuge at his eccentric uncle's home. Events turn for the worse at the McKenzie's as Miyuki's presence stirs up a painful past. Haunted by tragic visions from her childhood and images from a tragedy many hundreds of years ago Miyuki's dark past is slowly revealed. As Miyuki feels she is losing her adopted family once again she can no longer fight her urge to destroy what she cannot have. Through an unknown connection the McKenzie's fate is tied to that of Miyuki's

The DVD art-work might suggest a gore fest here but Miyuki is nowhere near that, it does contain some killings and blood but this is more a character-driven mystery thriller than an all out horror film. You could compare it to similar films like "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" but make no mistake this comes with it's own ideas and the direction, camera work and cast are exceptional. To talk too much about what goes on in the film would only ruin it for those of you wanting to see it but I can say it is one of those slow burning films, slowly building on the mystery and suspense and by doing so it draws you in and keeps you guessing and waiting at the edge of your seat to see what the outcome will be. All the main characters in the film seem to have something to hide and the cast delivers on making them all believable. This is the Yuri Nanami's first film but you would never know it by watching her act, she is perfect at playing the sinister yet quiet Miyuki, she gives her character a innocent but at the same time creepy feel. Like I stated before the rest of the cast does a terrific job as well but the film belongs to Yuri and her fantastic performance, I certainly look forward to seeing her in future films. You get the impression right from the start of the film that things are not right and as it begins to unfold when Miyuki comes to the U.S. the underlying tension begins to show it's ugly head. It is rare to see such a film with all the right elements and one that is so well written and directed even in a big budget film so that makes this one that much more special and worth checking out. Miyuki is a gripping, tension filled thriller filled with mystery and suspense with just the right amount of mayhem toosed in the complete the perfect blend. A gem of a thriller and one to bookmark for when it comes out on DVD May 11th. On a side note this is Writer/Director, Immanuel Martin's first full length film and I really look forward to more work from this talented film maker as well. You can find Miyuki and many other great titles at R Square Films website HERE

Released by R2 Films

**** Out Of *****