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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Cindel Chartrand, Andrew Avartis, Erna Erkat

Director: Michel Zgarka

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

In an effort to break away from her mundane life, Stephanie sets her sights on seducing her handsome teacher, and finds that he has some stimulating secrets. Submission was the name of the game and Mr. Carling demands total control. But, soon their secret rendezvous go from lustful to a more dangerous place. Stephanie must choose if she is ready for the consequences of her misbehavior.

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More a drama than a thriller, "Misbehavior" has an interesting story that keeps you entertained to the shocking ending. The story is about Stephanie who goes to a boarding school college, her and Erna are best friends but you also sense a bit of competition between the two over their crush on one of their teachers, Mr. Carling. When school lets out for Thanksgiving break Stephanie remembers after she gets home that she had a book out and promised Mr. Carling she would return it before leaving so she drives back to school but when she arrives she finds the teacher with her friend, he has her bent over his knee and is spanking her. Stephanie at the time gets more jealous than worried about her friend which seems a bit strange. There are a few things that are strange about what is going on and everyone seems to be hiding something including the security guard and Stephanie's mother as well. Plus the security cameras in the school are in places they just should not be. The film keeps it's sexual theme going pretty well considering there is no nudity in the film, in seems Mr. Carling has a weird fascination for handing out spankings but you also sense he can be dangerous as well. Another teacher at the school, Miss Lachance doesn't like or trust Mr. Carling and she promises Stephanie's father who is head of the board at the school to keep an eye out and make sure his daughter stays safe. There is a lot going on in the film, the obvious things I just told you about but there is also something else going on between a few of the other characters that don't come to light till towards the end of the film. I thought it was those extra twists that kept the film from being just another drama, they give the film more suspense as you sit and wait to find out while hoping Mr. Carling gets what is coming to him as well.

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"Misbehavior" might not be a great film, it does have it's flaws but it has a story that is well-written and interesting enough to keep you watching till the very end. The acting here was a mixed bag, for the most part the leads did a fine job but their were a few performances that border on average at best. Director, Michel Zgarka who also co-wrote the script did a good job keeping everything moving at a nice pace while keeping the pieces of the puzzle together, this was his first time behind the camera and I thought he did a very good job over-all and it can only get better form here. I don't think it is one of those films I would watch again but I was never bored during it's 94 min. run time. If you like this kind of drama or are just looking for something different to watch for a change then I suggest giving it a try.

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Released by Maverick Entertainment

** 1/2 Out Of *****