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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Gary Coleman, Brittney Powell, Ron Jeremy, Scottie Pippen.

Director: Ron Carlson

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: Unrated

To win $1 million each, five mascots go head-to-head against five little people in a series of ridiculous contests. Although at a serious size and strength disadvantage, the little people set out to prove they have just as much heart as their rivals. A movie that gleefully stretches the boundaries of good taste.

I got to be honest I almost felt a little uncomfortable laughing at this film but I got over it quickly because it is just too hilarious not to enjoy it. How can you not love a movie that has Gary Coleman leading a group of little people in various competitions against a bunch of losers dressed up as mascots? We all know Gary has temper issues and it is kind of funny to wait for the next time he snaps and attempts to attack someone. The film makes no apologizes for being offensive and even disgusting at times, the one scene where the two groups have to match up with one another for sex is about as funny as it gets, poor Gary has to go in a bathroom stall with a woman and get insulted on top of it all. If you want something meaningful look elsewhere but if you are just looking to watch something fun then you are not going to find a more entertaining film than this one. I laughed from beginning to end and found this to be the most fun I had watching a comedy in a long time. A no hold bars mockumentary that will have you rolling on the floor laughing, I can go on and on about what happens in the film but that would only ruin the fun of seeing it for yourself. A must own for any fan of raunchy comedies and one you will find yourself watching over and over again. Pick this up today and gather your friends for a good time. The DVD comes with special features that include:

Deleted Scenes

Character Featurette


Released by First Look Studios

***** Out Of *****