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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Joe Lando, Claudia Christian

Director: Micho Rutare

Genre: Action/Adventure/Disaster

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

The end is here, but that's only the beginning in this disaster thriller set in a not-too-distant future. When an enormous meteor breaks through the Earth's atmosphere, the whole world shares a similarly terrifying fate. With billions of lives hanging in the balance -- and the whereabouts of one man's family up in the air -- is there any hope for humankind's survival?

There certainly has been plenty of disaster films released in the last year. Some people love this stuff and can't seem to get enough of it and I am sure there are others out there saying "not another one" but this is was certainly a little different than most of the others which I found more interesting. The story starts off quickly, a gigantic meteor has entered earth's atmosphere spelling certain doom for all of mankind unless the government can do something about it. So they decide to send missiles at it and hope it destroys it but instead it just breaks apart in smaller pieces while stilling on a collision course with earth. What makes this one different than most of the others is the spiritual theme which is part of The Asylum's "Faith Films" label. Religion can be as tough a subject as politics but it you just go with the flow here then I think you will find this to be entertaining. The film's cast is very good for the most part including Joe Lando who plays David Dematti, a man desperately attempting to locate his wife and daughter before it is too late. Joe has always been a good actor and he does a good job in both the action as well as the drama scenes. The effects I felt were pretty good and mixed in well with the story without being it which again is nice since most of these kind of films rely on special effects to thrill the crowd and lack any kind of story. The effects were not as good as the those in The Asylums other film "Megafault" but they did the job. Over-all I enjoyed this one and felt the faith theme gave it a little freshness even if it too has been done before in previous films. If nothing else it might have people talking amongst themselves about what it all means. As a disaster film I think it is a pretty good one that delivers on what it promises and nothing more. If you like the genre then I suggest picking this one up and deciding for yourself but I think if you are a fan you are going to at least be entertained for an hour and a half and that is all we can really ask for. The DVD comes with special features that include:

Man vs.Meteor: The Making Of Meteor Apocalypse



Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment/Faith Films

*** 1/2 Out Of *****