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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Christopher Lambert, Corey Sevier, Irena A. Hoffman, Charlie Hollway, Jennifer Higham, András Kern, Florentine Lahme, Zolee Ganxsta, Anja Kruse

Director: Jenö Hodi

Genre: Horror

Year: 2007

Rating: R

With his friends J.J. (Charlie Hollway) and Kim (Jennifer Higham) in tow, young American novelist Keith (Corey Sevier) travels to Hungary to conduct research on a legendary 17th-century countess whose thirst for murder and taste for blood inspired many a vampire tale. There, Keith begins a torrid love affair with Elizabeth (Irena A. Hoffman), a mysterious stranger who leads the trio on a harrowing journey fraught with supernatural dangers.

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Metamorphosis has two things going for right from the start, one is Christopher Lambert and the other thing is vampires. The film itself is kind of uneven but for the most part it's a decent film. The film also features Elizabeth Bathory, there has been several movies made about her so she is a popular figure in horror as well. The film is about three friends, Keith, J.J., and Kim, they are on their way to the monastery to find out more on Bathory because Keith is writing a book on her and wants to get as much information on her as possible before starting it. Along the way they meet another person, Elisabeth who is also headed to the monastery, she seems to have the same interest in Bathory as Keith does. By the time they all arrive things begin to take a turn for worst as strange things start happening. The story is pretty straight forward so to go into a lot more details would only ruin the film for those wanting to see it. Like I stated before the story is a bit uneven, a little better editing could of done some good but there are some nice moments in the film other wise. Christopher Lambert really does a terrific job playing a vampire and is the highlight of the film. Besides Lambert I really liked the ending of the film, it certainly was a great twist and the scenery in the film is beautiful. If you're a fan of vampire flicks which are in abundance nowadays then I think you will enjoy this one as well.

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Metamorphosis could of been a better film than it was but for the budget I thought it provided some nice entertainment, there are worst films out there that is for sure. It is always nice to see Lambert on film and I enjoyed the whole supernatural theme that was going on here. Go into this with an open mind about what you are going to see and I think you too will find it to be at least enjoyable despite it's obvious flaws.

Released by MTI Home Video

*** Out Of *****