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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jill Shackelford, Leah Grimsson, Reggie Bannister, Barbara Jean Barrielle, Count Smokula, Kim Irwin Didine, Jennifer Field, Darren Lebrecht, P. David Miller, Katherine Pawlak

Director: Ron Karkoska

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Regular college kid Kyle (Samuel Nathan Hoffmire) helps engineer Dr. Blake (Reggie Bannister) test a metal suit that gives its wearer superhuman abilities, but when black-market weapons dealer Sebastian (Oliver Krekel) gets involved, Kyle must become the guardian of the suit's awesome powers. As Reed escalates his hunt for the suit, he hits Kyle right where it hurts most, motivating him to become Metal Man.

Like all types of cinema Independent films can be a hit or miss thing. I have seen my fair share of gems and duds a long the way and Metal Man falls somewhere in the middle of those two. Shot in what surely was an extremely low budget the film does suffer from it in many areas but it was still able to keep my interest the entire hour and and half. Call it an "Iron Man" rip-off if you want but it reminded me more of the "Power Rangers" shows I use to watch on TV. The plot is pretty simple and easy enough to follow and the pace is pretty good as well. The cast is a mixed bag, there are a few actors in the film that do a very good job and others that are just not that good at all but over-all for what it is the acting works for the most part. There's not a lot of special effects used in the film but when it is called for they are not bad at all and fit in well with the story. One thing I thought the film needed was some blood and maybe more extreme violence, the fights were plenty but they were tame and would of been a lot better had they made Metal Man more of a killing machine at least as the film moved on and it would of made up for the film's other flaws as well. There was certainly a lot of potential here but sadly the budget held the film back, I noticed during the credits that Metal Man was flying which he never did in the film itself so if they do a sequel and are able to get a bigger budget I see it being a much better movie. I would have to recommend this only to those die-hard fans that enjoy a good, cheesy "B" movie, those of you that like just the main steam films are most likely not going to like this one at all. There are plenty of people out there that like their films cheesy so there is certainly an audience for it. I felt the film could of been much better but for what they had to work with I thought over-all the film-makers did a good job making it as entertaining as they could. It is easy to say that the film-makers here should of maybe made a film a little more original and maybe one that would be easier to make on the budget they had to work with but I still think there is enough to here be encouraged about what they may be able to make next time around. I can't say it's a good film but I was never bored by it and I had a few laughs a long the way as well intentional or not.

Released by Midnight Releasing

** Out Of *****