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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Richard Myles, Sonny Landham, and Theresa Alexandria

Director: Mischa Perez

Genre: Horror

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Dedra Lanucci has scammed a group of greedy investors to help her convert an old dilapidated junkyard into a profitable parking lot near a seedy liquor store and strip club. These investors are unaware that the junkyard sits on top of a mass Native American burial ground and that they will soon find themselves greeted by a maniacal killer, David Taggart, who lives in the junkyard. He is known by his ancient tribe as the “Protector” a dark figure in the night who scavenges the grounds in search of human flesh. David will stop to no end to protect mother earth, avenge the atrocities of his ancestors, and quench his insatiable thirst to feed.

My interest peaked when I seen the trailer for this new Indie slasher film from Viper Productions. Not only did it look like it had enough chills and thrills in it but the story on an old Indian burial ground being under a junkyard where the remaining Native American roams and kills anyone that dares to trespass really sounded like something different, a story that could have some real meat to it. Like any Independent film this had a limited budget to work with but you would never know it by watching the film, everything was top notch from the cinematography with it's vibrant colors to the acting and right down to line to the special effects and make-up. Everyone is looking for that new horror Icon and I think we might of all found him in David Taggart, this man gives new meaning to the word creepy and he is just as nasty as well, combine those two with a junkyard at night as his home and you got yourself a real treat for horror fans. Like I said before the story is original and intriguing with some nice turns along the way and a great twist at the end that nicely wraps up the film. Richard Myles and Mischa Perez have created an impressive debut and what is more impressive is Richard also had several roles to play in the film including the menacing David. The entire cast did a great job and the film contains the right amount of chills,gore and even some nudity for the guys to make any fan of horror buff happy. I hear there is a sequel in the works which is great news, a character like this one demands a repeat performance and with a little higher budget it could be even more special than this one was. I was surprised and pleased at what I seen here, Mental Scars is a refreshing new horror flick that demands to be seen by all fans of the genre. You can pre-order the DVD now HERE

Released by R Squared Films

**** Out Of *****