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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Sang-kyung Kim, Yu-won Lee, Sung-kee Ahn, Tae-won Kwon, Jun-ki Lee, Jae-ho Song

Director: Ji-hun Kim

Genre: Foreign Drama

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

When government troops descend on the South Korean city of Gwangju in May 1980 to violently quash a demonstration against the country's dictatorial regime, handsome student Kang Jin-woo (Jun-ki Lee) leads a group of students in retaliation against the soldiers. But when the troops fire into the crowd, Jin-woo pays the ultimate price, and his brother Min-woo (Sang-kyung Kim) vows revenge.

Sometimes you can end up being disappointed by films that claim they are "based on actual events", mainly because they find it necessary to add certain elements for "entertainment value" in Hollywood. May 18 isn't a Hollywood film nor does it take such liberties in telling the story of the 1980 democratization protest in Gwangju Korea and it's military abuse of power. It is about time this tragedy was brought to light on film, it certainly went untold for far too long. The cast is wonderful and their characters are believable and they are ones you remember long after the movie is over. May 18 is a piece of history and should be seen by everyone not just those of that might be living in the Asian countries, abuse like this is universal and can happen anywhere and it does maybe not on such a grand scale as this was. The film may not be as powerful as "Tae Guk Gi" but it is a different kind of tragedy, a more personal one and it is just as captivating in it's own way. I recommend this to anyone that enjoys films that are based on true events but I also think May 18 is a film everyone should see for the historic value as well. I certainly had mixed feelings while watching this and thought about what took place and it's characters that touched me long after it was over. You can order the DVD at Virgil Films and Entertainment's web site HERE.

Released by Virgil Films and Entertainment

**** Out Of *****