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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Dave Potter, Jed Himel, Nathan Avant, Arte Richard, Sarah Avant

Director: Matthew Avant

Genre: Sci-Fi

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

Through a late night conspiracy broadcast, a frantic caller claims human beings from the future are living on the moon, controlling our every action. His call is cut short, but when a box of unusual materials arrives at the radio station several days later, filmmakers Matt and Sonny become involved and pursue the story, following the lead and chasing a set of hidden coordinates deep into Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin. An enormous and dark underground facility reveals there may be more truth to the caller's story than believed, and quickly entangles the filmmakers in uncovering a history that was meant to be long forgotten. They narrowly escape with one unusual artifact, but soon find themselves in a threatening encounter with the bizarre and reclusive Church of Lunology, an organization very dedicated to keeping their mysterious secrets, and silencing anyone who stands in their way...

mockumentaries and conspiracy theory fanatics are going to love "Lunopolis" because it takes the Sci-fi genre and adds fresh, original ideas it creates something that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking. The film is so well done that after awhile you start believing what you see and hear.

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The story is about a documentary film crew led by Matt and Sonny who have been give a strange photograph, supposedly smuggled out of Area 51. After looking at the back of the photo a set of numbers leads them to underground facility beneath a Louisiana swamp. The underground is dark empty except for a strange looking device in the middle of the floor. After being chased by some shadowy figures they take the device back to the lab and none of the men puts the rocket pack looking device on and the other men activate it. The man wearing the pack disappears for a few seconds then everyone is knocked unconscious. Further investigation brings them into rough contact with the Church of Lunology. Digging deeper they uncovering a plot involving a secret city on the moon and a mission to send time travelers into the past to change parts of history and by doing so creating an overlapping jumble of parallel dimensions.

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There's a lot going on here and it's really a thinking man's film, I can't say for sure mainstream movie goers will enjoy or even get the film but I can tell you it's a hell of a ride. All the actors in the film did a terrific job playing their parts and making their characters as realistic as possible. Being realistic is one of the film's strengths, even though you know it's not real going into it you can very easily fall prey to everything you see and hear because it's all done so well.

If your a fan of science fiction that this is a film not to be missed, the theories within will have you scratching your head but the whole thing is done in such a way that it all seems possible, that at least for me is what great film making is all about. I had a great time watching the film and will be recommending it to friends and family and I think it will do very well on home video because those that pick it up will also be telling their friends and families about it as well.

The The DVD comes with Special Features that include a trailer and a commentary by Director, Matthew Avant and associate producer, Michael David Weis.

You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Walking Shadows/Virgil Films and Entertainment

**** Out Of *****