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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Peter Riegert, Yvonne Perry, Brendan Bradley, Elizabeth Wood, Cooper Harris

Director: Colin Bannon

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Geeky loner Paul (Brendan Bradley) is so desperate to find love that he studies pretty women by secretly videotaping them. Though he succeeds in staging meetings with his dream girls, his lack of self-esteem hinders him -- till he encounters an artist named Esoterica. Their ardent romance soon transforms Paul, but Esoterica harbors a secret that may come between them.

I got to say I was really impressed with this film. It takes a story that has been done many times before about a lonely guy looking for love and turns it on it's head to make a refreshing and original film that really delivers on every level. Shot of a small budget the film succeeds for a number of reasons, one being the writing, this is not your typical romantic comedy and for that it gets high marks alone, Another reason this was so good is the cast of unknown actors, Brendan Bradley does a terrific job at playing Paul, this guy has such range and I believe he is one actor we will be hearing a lot more from in the future. Also Russell Garofalo, who is absolutely hilarious in his role as smitten best friend, Ray. He just about stole every scene of the film he was in but together these two guys were a joy to watch. From the outside this guy might seem just a little creepy but for some reason he grows on you and you can't help liking him and hoping he finds that special person he is looking for. Love Conquers Paul is a perfect example of just how great Independent cinema can be and it is just one reason we need to get out there and support these kinds of movies more. A joy to watch and a film I highly recommend owning.

Released by Synkronized USA

***** Out of *****