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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: John Hurt, Lily Bell-Tindley, Emily Barclay

Director: Belinda Chayko

Genre: Drama

Year: 2011

Rating: N/A

LOU is a tender story about the relationship between 11-year-old Lou and her grandfather. Not long after Louís father walks out of her life, her grandfather crashes in. But when Doyle comes to stay, Lou discovers, against all her expectations, the healing power of love.

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"Lou" is the story of an Eleven-year-old, her mother and her two sisters whose lives are turned upside after their father leaves them. Between dealing with bills and keeping the family together Lou's mother seems to be helpless at times but it's Lou that is most effected by it all. Just when it seems like things couldn't get any more complicated the father-in-law, Doyle who is suffering with Alzheimer's moves in. The two younger girls don't seem all that bothered about the problems at hand but Lou is very upset and she's created a wall around herself, she blames her mother for their father walking out and when Doyle shows up it just feeds her anger and over-all confusion even more. Doyle begins to see Lou as his his late wife, Annie and it just angers Lou that much more but as time goes by she begins to feel for Doyle and his problems and soon the two create a grandfather/granddaughter bond. Doyle unknowingly causes more havoc when he first moves in but by the time the film ends he some how gave them focus and a new outlook on life. The film offers up a lot of good things, the story is full of emotions, there are a few light moments along the way but it stays mostly drama. There are times the story seems a bit sugary but it never goes too far and it remains real and compelling throughout.

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The production values are terrific for an Indie film and the wide open spaces of Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia are a treat for the eyes. The cast is another highlight of an already engaging film, John Hurt is his terrific self as Doyle and Emily Barclay gives a wonderful performance as the mother but the stand-out here is Lily Bell Tindley who plays Lou, she gives an incredible performance in all aspects in her film debut. I have seen some talented child actors over the years but Lily Bell Tidney gives a memorable performance that rivals that of a young Dakota Fanning or the current hottest child actor in Hollywood, Chloe Grace Moretz, she is that good and she seems destined to have a bright future ahead of her. Writer/Director, Belinda Chayko does a terrific job at telling a story that touches your heart, I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next. At heart "Lou" is a drama about disappointment and finding the courage to move on and in the end it leaves you with hope and a smile on your face, if drama is what you like then "Lou" is not to be missed. The DVD is will be released in July, you can check on Monarch Video's web site to keep an eye on it's progress HERE or at the film's official site HERE. LOU won two prizes at the Creteil Women's Film Festival. The Prix Graine de Cinephage for best feature chosen by the young jury, and the Prix du Public, the audience award for best feature and for good reason, this is a must-see film.

Released by Monarch Video

**** Out Of *****