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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Joey Brown, Garret Vander Leun, Nina Brissey, Phillip Ellering, Nathan Ellering

Director: Phillip Ellering, Nathan Ellering

Genre: Horror/Suspense/Thriller

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

Darrin Noland leads a deliberate and careful life, but when his old friends spring a camping trip on him it's a good time he can't run from. The escape turns south when Darrin finds out the unsettling news that Warren, someone he has avoided since junior high, is also along for the ride. Darrin attempts to avoid an awkward reunion but horrible events caused by a mysterious creature force him to face his regretful past and take on his beast within. "Lost Woods" is about 4 guys and 1 girl, friends that decide to take a trip into the woods for some fun. There's also the side story of Darrin and Warren which is not really a necessary subplot but it works well here and doesn't take away from the main focus. There is also a story about a missing child as well, this is one to remember as the film moves along.

I lost track a long time ago but movies about Bigfoot have been plentiful, some have been really cool while others not so much. "Lost Woods" falls into the really cool category for several reasons. The film starts off a little slow as the story is set-up and the characters are introduced, it's important in this film to give some background on the characters so you have some kind of bound with them later and the film certainly does that. The entire cast did a great job playing their characters, everyone in the movie is very different. For example there's a comic book nerd who is reading one about Bigfoot, it all seems far fetched at the time but you soon find out there is some truth to what he was talking about. When the group begins getting chased in the woods you immediately expect it to be the two guys they met earlier who were not very friendly but it becomes very clear, very fast that it's Bigfoot who is out for blood. The last act of the film is non-stop action and excitement as the group must face the creature head on.

"Lost Woods" isn't your normal Bigfoot movie, there's a few twists and surprises that I'm not going to talk about here because it would only ruin the film for those wanting to see it. Production wise the film looks fantastic and the acting was solid all the way around. There's a good bit of gore in the film but it's not over-done but the film doesn't need it either, there's plenty of drama, suspense action and even a bit of comedy to keep everyone entertained. I was impressive with the effects used and Bigfoot looks very cool and menacing with his glowing eyes.

Director's Phillip Ellering and Nathan Ellering did a great job making the film, this is a pretty impressive debut for both and I see a bright future for them ahead. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. "Lost Woods" isn't without it's flaws but over-all this is one of the better Bigfoot movies I have seen, it's twist on the legend is creative and everything else about the film makes this a must see for all fans, I can see this getting a cult following once word of mouth spreads about it.

The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Audio Commentary

Deleted Scenes

The release date is June 5th but you can Pre-order the DVD HERE.

Released by Midnight Releasing

*** 3/4 Out Of *****