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long-pigs Cast: Anthony Alviano, Phyllis Cooper, Paul Fowles, Shane Harbinson, Nathan Hynes, Brad Mittelman

Director: Nathan Hynes, Chris Power

Genre: Horror/Mockumentary

Year: 2010

Rating: N/A

Anthony McAllister is a jovial fellow who just happens to give Hannibal Lecter a run for his money in the cannibal serial-killer territory. Introduced preparing his own unsavory type of meal, Anthony regales the camera with philosophical anecdotes, aware that, as the subject of a documentary being shot by a pair of young filmmakers, he’s the star of the program.

The satire grows more pungent as the story progresses and the line between comedy and horror becomes thinner, calling into question not just Anthony’s horrific actions but the role the camera plays in them. When does the media’s fascination with watching become dangerous? And, when it comes to human lives, where is the line drawn between documentary and subject?

This sounded like a pretty interesting Mockumentary horror flick but I admit I never expected it to be as good and entertaining as it was. Billed as a horror/comedy I didn't see much funny about it other than a few lines here and there that made me chuckle a bit but besides those I thought this was a pretty scary horror flick. Now when I say scary I don't mean like a slasher or ghost film might scare someone, instead Long Pigs provides its scares through its story and characters. This is a man who kills people for the pleasure of enjoying them for dinner, how much more horrifying can it get?

The other scary part about this man was how he invited these two men with cameras into his home and allowed them to film his every move while being as polite as your next door neighbor is. To be honest to give away what happens in the movie just would not be right, so I am not going to go into spoilers here.

If you didn't know this wasn't a real documentary you would think it was because of how good every actor in the film is in portraying their roles, easily some of the best acting I have seen in an Independent, low budget film and I have seen my share of them to know.

Real or mock doesn't matter much here because these talented film makers did a great job at showing just one of the many horrors that happens everyday while also providing some food for thought on the media itself and just how far or too far they go in covering our news. As far as the genre goes I am sure you can find others bloodier but for over all content I don't think you will find many more frightening as Long Pigs. The film has numerous awards and for good reason. I thought this was one of the most clever, well-written and disturbing films I have seen in some time and it left me not only feeling a bit uneasy but with a number of things to think about as well. If you are a fan of horror you owe it to yourself to see this film.

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