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Director: Daniel Lindsay

Genre: Documentary/Sport

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

In January of 2006, Billy Gaines and Duncan Carroll held the inaugural World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) outside of Las Vegas. In 2007, they doubled the prize money to $20,000, and in doing so, more than tripled the number of teams. Players from across the country descended on Mesquite, Nevada to compete for the money and, more importantly, for their chance to be crowned World Series Champion. Last Cup follows four of these competitors for whom beer pong is more than a simple pastimeits a way of life.

I guess a lot of people out there think of beer pong as an excuse for college kids to get drunk and maybe it started out that way and I am sure it still happens when someone is throwing a party but this film opens your eyes to what has developed into a real sport. Every year more and more are gathering in Mesquite, Nevada to play in the World Series of Beerpong and this documentary follows some competitors as they look to become the champions. Some might be insulted by using the words beer pong and sport in same sentence but this truly has become a sport, even if it is not a serious sport the fierce competition that comes with any sport is alive and well here. The film gives a look into what it takes and what kind of person it takes to go all the way without judging anyone. I found it to be a film that is lively and full of spirit and yet so funny at times I almost fell out of my chair but it still manages to catch the heart and competitive drive these people have. Think what you want about the "sport" but this is certainly a entertaining movie. This is the first film to show just how serious this has become as a sport. I for one was surprised at the interest in it but I can say it was a pleasant surprise. If you ever played beer pong with a group of buddies you are going to love this and for those that are non-believers I suggest picking this up, after seeing the heart these people have and the competitive spirit you might think again but either way I think you are going to find this to be as enjoyable as I did.

Released by Virgil Films and Entertainment

**** Out Of *****