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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Dirk Julian, Michael Resendez, Torey Marks, Erin Prieto, Chad Post, Angela Nordeng

Director: Christopher L. Golon

Genre: Drama

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Bret, 19, yearns to leave his Connecticut hometown and head off to college. He figures summer will be fun with his buddies but as the days progress, the situations he finds himself in spiral out of control. He has run-ins with the police, problems with his girlfriend involving another girl, and a revenge attack he never should have involved himself in.

When I received this DVD for review I was told it was made for only $3K which before even seeing it I felt was a big achievement in just getting the movie made on so little money. I can only imagine the problems Writer/Director, Christopher L. Golon had with not only getting this project started but keeping it going and finishing it so I had respect already for him as this had to be a labor of love for him and the entire crew. The film is about a young man who is looking forward to a better life and heading off to college is the start of what he hopes is a brighter future. So he decides to have one last summer of fun drinking and hanging out with his buddies but an event changes everything for all of them. This is one of those movies that you can talk about all you want but it is better to just see the film for yourself to enjoy the experience better. The film is shot in an almost documentary style giving you the realistic feel a story like this needs and since the budget was low I think it made the film look much bigger than it should be. The story is a coming of age tale about one young man but it also gives us a few lessons on being responsible for our actions. The story is solid from beginning to end and it allows us to get the know the main characters and form a bond with them. I also thought the film had a great ending to an already realistic story, I not only felt unsure emotions but also a hint of hope as well for young Bret. The cast of unknowns all did a terrific job playing their roles and the production values were fantastic for an Indie film such as this. Also the music used by up and coming musicians was great and fit each scene perfectly. Every movie has it's flaws and Knock 'Em Dead Kid is no different but I was really impressed by this film in every way. If had to go off of his first film I would have to say Christopher L. Golon has a bright future in film making. This is an honest, raw and sober look at life and one that leaves you thinking long after it is over. The film is not available as of right now but I highly recommend keeping your eyes open and when the opportunity comes make sure you get the chance to see this hard-hitting coming of age drama.

Released by Golon Films

**** Out Of *****