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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Eric Roberts, Frida Show, Cherie Johnson, Jake Terrell

Director: Rob Walker

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

With her marriage to troubled businessman Mason (Eric Roberts) on the rocks, Linda (Jenna Zablocki) invites her sisters for a weekend party -- not suspecting that her martial arts-loving husband plans to vent his frustrations by slicing and dicing them all. What should have been a few days of rest and relaxation turns into a frenzied fight for survival.

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Killer Weekend is mainly a by-the-books thriller, it is straight forward and it never attempts to be clever or toss in twists. But what the film does have that others like it doesn't is Eric Roberts. Roberts is simply at his best here playing a charming yet satanic psycho like only he can. As the movie opens his wife on on the phone expressing her fear of him doing something to harm her, the couple clearly doesn't get along and he always looks like he is right on the edge of losing it. Mason is mean to everyone around him including his son and he sits in his computer room watching all that goes on in the house with his hidden cameras installed in and outside the house. To be honest since the film has such a simple plot if I go into details anymore I would only ruin the film for those wanting to see it. The film has a good number of killings, some of them are original in fact and there is a good amount of gore to go along with them. The ensemble cast does a pretty good job playing their roles but like I stated before this one belongs to Eric Roberts. He owns every scene he is in which is a good thing since he has a large amount of screen time. It is too bad Eric doesn't get any big roles in Hollywood anymore because he is such a great talent.

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On a related note don't confuse this film with the 2004 film with the same name which ironically had Eric Roberts in it as well. I can't say enough about Eric in this film, he makes an enjoyable movie out of what would of been a mediocre film at best. If you're a fan of his or thrillers in general then I recommend giving this one a watch.

Released by Midnight Releasing

*** Out Of *****