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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Yukari Amano, Misa Kuroki, Masato Nagai

Director: Hisaaki Nagaoka

Genre: Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

An attractive college couple goes on a road trip with some friends. Their destination: majestic waterfalls far away from civilization. Unfortunately the used car they bought is possessed by the tortured spirit of its original owner who met a tragic end behind the wheel. Now this “killer car” will take them on an unexpected detour… to the morgue.

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Killer Car is a 2008 Japanese horror film from Director, Hisaaki Nagaoka. This is a hard film to find any information on as it is not listed on IMDB nor is the film available at Netflix either so your options are going to be limited as far seeing the film which is kind of sad really. This is a low budget film in the tradition of "Grudge" or any other creepy crawly revenge film you might of seen coming out of Asian. As the film opens a young woman is brutally killed in the back of a van by a madman with a knife. The film then skips ahead to present day and Kenji is now the owner of the van, he decides to go on a road trip with his girlfriend and several other friends. During their trip they stumble upon an injured man in the woods and decide to help him out. So now the ghost of the murdered girl is back because someone in the group is her murderer and she will not stop until she sees the person dead as well. The film really doesn't offer anything you haven't already seen before but for the obvious low budget it does a nice job at creating some good suspense, a few jump-scares and enough gore that is sure to please fans. The cast I thought did a great job at playing their characters and the ghost was indeed creepy when she appeared out of nowhere and disappeared again. I am not sure but the film felt like it could of been a made for Television movie but either way I thought it was pretty entertaining and it had a good pace to it as well.

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If you're a fan of these Asian revenge films then I recommend checking this one out. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Behind The Scenes


Still Gallery

The Orignal Japanese Language with English Subtitles

You can order the DVD HERE.

Release by Cinema Epoch

*** 1/2 Out Of *****