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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Danny Trejo, Michael Flynn, Chris Laird, Shareece Pfeiffer, Matthew Reese

Director: Rob Diamond

Genre: Family/Action/Adventure

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

18-year-old Justin (Chris Laird), a Shoshoni Indian whose world is shattered by his parents' deaths. Justin inherits his father's magical amulet and is astounded to learn that it can control time. The other half of the amulet is owned by a shady businessman, who's using its powers for personal gain. Justin must decide how to use his new abilities and whether the two halves should be united.

I found out that this was being pitched to become a Television series and thought to myself this is perfect for that with endless possibilities and adventures but sadly due to tough times it never came to be which is too bad but it still makes a fun, entertaining film. The film has a lot going for it as far as family adventure goes, first off the lead actors which include, Shareece Pfeiffer, Alyx Gaudio and Chris Laird as Justin all do a terrific job and show great chemistry together as well. The dialogue is a bit cheesy at times but that is expected from a film such as this that is intended for a younger age group to begin with. The effects as simple as they are still work well an add to the over-all story and adventure instead of becoming it. You can tell by watching Justin Time that it was made for something bigger, it certainly leaves you wanting more as far as adventure goes but as a single film it is still an entertaining movie that the entire family can enjoy together and there is never anything wrong with that.

Released by MTI Home Video

**** Out Of *****