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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Al Kago, Akina Minami, Hiroki Suzuki

Director: Ryuta Miyake, Mari Asato

Genre: Asian Horror

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

The final new films in the explosively popular JU-ON (The Grudge) franchise, made in cooperation with the original films' creator Takashi Shimizu. JU-ON: WHITE GHOST tells the story of senior high school student Arkane whose strong ESP power induces him into seeing Mirai, the tragic ghost of an old school friend. JU-ON: BLACK GHOST tells the chilling story of a young woman called Fukie who discovers that she's carrying an unborn 'grudge', which vengefully curses all those around her.

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Well Go USA is on a roll with these Asian films, this week they are releasing "Ju-On White Ghost / Black Ghost" on both DVD and Blu-ray. Now comes two short films by new directors celebrating 10 years of the Ju-On phenomena are released by two new Directors. You get a mixed bag here as far as how good these two hour-long films are, the first film, "White Ghost" is about Akane who begins seeing visions of a female ghost wearing the same yellow hat and red satchel she wore as a school child. This was interesting enough and had a few scares but was a little too muddled since it's more a collection of shorts but some just don't seem to fit in while the second film, "Black Ghost" I thought had a better over-all story and it's characters were developed more which gives the audience a little more to engage in. Neither film breaks any new ground but "Black Ghost" comes the closest to the original films as far as story goes. If you're a old fan of Asian horror you are going to want to add this to your collection if your new to it this is still nice to own but I would suggest seeking out the original films and watching them first. It makes sense to have both of these, Ju-on: White Ghost and Black Ghost stories in 1 screening because they are related in a small way with a character that show up in both films.

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I had a good time watching these two films, they may but match up to the classics but they do bring their own brand of entertainment and I enjoyed the change from watching all the watered down horror Hollywood releases nowadays. You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Released by Well Go USA

*** Out Of *****