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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: John Anton, April Canning, Jim Lewis, Tevis R. Marcum, Virginia Bryant

Director: Tommy Brunswick

Genre: Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: Unrated

Angela Nelson returns home to the place where she witnessed her family slaughtered by the notorious killer clown, Mr. Jingles. Accompanied by a team of paranormal experts, they set out to prove the grounds are not haunted by the long-dead ghost of Mr. Jingles. But they will soon find out they are wrong... DEAD WRONG!

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Jingles The Clown is a Indie horror film from Writer/Director, Tommy Brunswick. Brunswick is no stranger to the horror genre since she has made several others including, "Evil Offspring" and "Little Red Devil" to name a few. This time around she tackles what a lot of people fear, a killer clown. The film wastes no time in getting started, soon after the opening credits Mr. Jingles is seen with the Nelson family as he video tapes himself killing the family one by one. After taking care of the mother and father he sets his sights on the little kids but in a hurry because the Police sirens are getting closer he isn't able to kill little Angela. While attempting to escape Mr. Jingles is shot and assumed dead so he is tossed into the trunk of a police car but it seems Jingles isn't your ordinary clown as he some how comes back to life and kills the officers at the sight and flees. Years later everyone assumes he died from his wounds but some say his old killing ground is haunted by his ghost. A team of paranormal investigators decide to go out and prove for once and for all that Mr. Jingles does not haunt the grounds and Angela decides to go along in order to finally let go of her horrific past. What happens after that you will have to see for yourself but the group soon finds themselves in a fight for their lives. Killer Clowns are no doubt creepy and Mr. Jingles just might be the creepiest one you ever met and the most satanic as well. The production values here are pretty good considering the budget involved here and the acting for the most part was very good as well. John Anton has experience working with Director, Brunswick because he has been in several of her previous films before this one. Anton does a great job playing Mr. Jingles, he really gets into the character and you believe that this guy is truly sick. The settings are isolated and dark which really helps in creating an atmosphere of being hunted with nowhere to run. The camera work is great and the lighting is just right which is important here since most of the film is shot at night. I know by now you want to know about the killings because after-all what is a killer clown movie without the killings right? Well I am happy to say you get plenty of killings and a nice about of gore to go along with them. The director does a great job at setting the pace early and never letting his foot off the gas till the surprise ending. I really enjoyed the twist towards the end of the film and I also liked the killer clown/supernatural theme that was at play here. You may have seen Killer Clowns before but none as evil as Mr. Jingles, he has something on his side no other has had before.

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Jingles The Clown is sure to please all fan's of the genre including those of you that get creeped out over these face-painted men. Just don't go inviting him over for a party. You can order Jingles and many more great films over at you can also find it and many other great titles at R Squared Films website HERE.

Released by Big Bite Entertainment/R Squared Films

**** Out Of *****