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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Louis Mandylor, Gwendolyn Edwards, Costas Mandylor, James Marshall

Director: Louis Mandylor

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

Jack Newman has finally adapted to the challenges of a sudden accident that left him blind several years ago and is preparing for a new life with his fiancée, Gwen. An opportunity arises for Jack to become the first patient of an experimental eye surgery. After regaining his sight, Jack begins to slowly take on the characteristics of the eyes’ late donor, a state-executed psychopath.

As Jack begins to lose the battle raging in his mind, Gwen uncovers some startling information and is faced with the most difficult choice of her life. Which will prevail…true love or the primal instinct to survive?

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"In the Eyes of a Killer" opens with a man in prison being led to his death by lethal injection for the rape and murder of a number of women. The scene quickly switches to Professor Jack Newman, a 42 yr-old man who has been blind since the age of 8. When Jack and his fiancée, Gwen finally get the news that that a pair of donor eyes have become available for him Jack seems a bit unsure but after awhile he decides to go ahead and have the surgery. The transplant is a complete success and his knew found vision seems like a new lease on life. The only thing different about Jack's new eyes is that one is blue and one is brown but soon Jack begins to have strange nightmares of a woman running from him and it isn't much longer before his behavior begins to change and he begins to become violent. Could Jack of inherited the psychopath's murderous behavior along with his eyes?

I'm not going to go into a lot of details here concerning the plot so not to give away anything and spoil it for those out there who are waiting to see it. But I can tell you the film is one of the better thrillers I see seen in some time. There's a prefect blend of thrills and chills as well as a small dose of humor tossed in as well. I have to say I wasn't really expecting a lot here but boy was I surprised at how good this film really was. The cast did a terrific job, Louis Mandylor who also directed the film was fantastic as Jack, he switch from charming nice guy to raving madman flawlessly and Gwendolyn Edwards was equally as impressive as Gwen. Both actors had great chemistry together. The film also stars Costas Mandylor as Congressman Donaldson and he too is fantastic in the film, in fact the entire cast did a great job playing their roles.

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There's a clever story here and the direction was flawless. Mandylor also kept the story moving at a brisk pace. This is one of those gems you never expect to find, it's a suspenseful, creepy thrill ride with a dash of horror to top it off making it a tense and fun film to watch. It will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time as you watch Jack slowly lose his mind.

There's really not much more I can add because I want people to be able to see the film for themselves when it comes to DVD on September 25 so if you're a fan of the genre then this is one film you need to see. I predict this will be a big hit on home video through strong word of mouth. Bookmark the date and make sure you pick up this terrific film that kept be entertained all the way to it's shocking ending.

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Released by Monarch Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****