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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Diane Gaeta, Deborah Geffner, VJ Kewl, Chris Marquette

Director: Kyle Rankin

Genre: Horror/Action/Comedy

Year: 2009

Rating: R

Prepare for global swarming. The innocent slacker Cooper (Chris Marquette) begins a new job and shortly enters a mutant nightmare, waking up to find himself trapped inside a gooey cocoon spun by a gigantic mutant insect. After freeing himself, Cooper must find a way to rescue the other people trapped with him and team with them to battle flying, flesh-eating bugs and human hybrid mutants in order to save the planet.

When I first read about this it reminded me of the new hit film "Zombieland" except replace the zombies with giant bugs, a horror flick mixed with comedy. The trailer looked pretty good so I was looking forward to checking this one out and I got to say I was not disappointed at all. As far as the story goes it never offers any explanation as to why all of a sudden the city was over run with giant killer bugs but it never had too because to be honest I was never expecting one. The film doesn't take long in getting going, almost right from the start we are introduced to these menacing pests and after that the action never stops till the very end. Writer/Director, Kyle Rankin did a fantastic job mixing the horror,action and comedy together and he kept the film at a fever pace for most of it's run time. The bug effects are perfect for what this low-budget film offers and the hybrid bugs are not only a bit creepy but highly impressive. The cast including Chris Marquette,Brooke Nevin and Ray Wise were all terrific, it looks like everyone had a great time making this film and it translates to the audience as well. If you enjoy movies like "Evil Dead" or "Shaun of The Dead" then you are not going to want to miss out on seeing Infestation, a roller coaster of chills,thrills and plenty of laughs make this one of the most enjoyable straight to video releases I have seen in some time. The DVD doesn't come with any extra features besides a Director's Commentary but Infestation is still a must own for any fan of the genre, this is one of those movies that demands multiple viewings and one that will quickly gain a cult following.

Released by First Look Studios

***** Out Of *****