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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Marina Sirtis, Gary Graham, Walter Koenig, Patricia Tallman, Jay Acovone, Richard Hatch, Erick Avari, Richard Herd, Courtney Peldon

Director: Robert Dyke

Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Dr. Eric Norris (Richard Hatch) remains wracked with guilt after a terrible tragedy that cost him his family, and when he learns that an alien parasite is not only growing inside him but shares his DNA, he develops a fiercely paternal bond with the creature.

One of the great things about Independent cinema is that you find many of the more original ideas inside them due to the fact they do not have the large budgets for special effects to distract the audience from an empty story. Inalienable is one of those films, written by Walter Koenig ("Star Trek"), he brings an old genre and breaths new life into it with a refreshing and yet thought-provoking tale. As far as the story goes it certainly is a twist on the sci-fi genre and as far as the acting goes sci-fi fans will be pleased to know the film stars not only "Battlestar Galactica"'s Hatch but also "Next Generation"'s Marina Sirtis. Hatch is great here and does his best work to date playing Dr. Eric Norris,a man who finds himself carrying a baby who is found another planet. The bond he creates with the being inside him causes problems with those involved and the case takes on a life of it's own in court. The film itself isn't without flaws, I thought the editing could of been better in spots but over-all I enjoyed the original story and even though the ending doesn't wrap all the loose ends perfectly it certainly was a nice twist. If your a fan of sci-fi or just looking to watch something different I suggest picking this little gem up, it certainly isn't perfect but it is a refreshing piece of work that entertains till the very end and leaves you thinking long after it is over and for that the flaws can be over-looked.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

**** Out Of *****