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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Dimitri Mugianis

Director: Michel Negroponte

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

I'm Dangerous with Love is film about Dimitri Mugianis, a former musician and drug addict himself and his discovery of administering ibogaine. You would think that if there was something out there to help addicts not only get past their detoxing without hardly any pain or symptoms and even their need to have more of whatever demon it is that possesses them that it should be available to anyone that needs it. Well there is such a pill and it's name is ibogaine, the problem is it's also an hallucinogen which also makes it illegal. The film is about Dimitri Mugianis who claims the drug has cured him and his mission to help others kick their habit by administrating ibogaine to them secretly. Since the drug is illegal Dimitri must do his work in a undercover, covert fashion.

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The film follows Dimitri as he treats numerous people with addiction problems. You can easily tell he believes deeply in what he is doing, he knows the risks but he says he has seen too many of his friends die from addiction to just stand by and watch. The film is a lot of things including powerful and thought-provoking but it really becomes a complete gem when during a weekend in Toronto where Dimitri is held up in a cabin with two brothers who he is about to treat for their heavy addiction problems, during the course of the treatments one of the brothers suffers a seizure, at first it looks as if the young man might have died, he survives but the experience Dimitri goes through causes him to question what he is doing so after some soul searching he decides to travel to Africa to take part in a ritual that will officially make him a genuine shaman. The ceremony puts him in a psychotropic trip which creates hallucinations among other things, this is some pretty shocking stuff here as well as disturbing and scary. There is no denying this man's true intentions and passion to help others but the drug is one I don't thing I would ever try, it is dangerous but at the same time it is hard to argue it's effectiveness. Ibogaine is not a all out cure, several people he helped toxic during the film ended up going back to the drugs they were on before so I am sure there needs to be some sort of support system for them to join as well in order to stay sober once Dimitri's work is done. I was amazed at the effectiveness of the drug but even more impressed with Dimitri himself, as scary as it is to watch these treatments because they can have negative effects which is why he is on the phone constantly with medical doctors who help him even though they are never in person for any of his treatments. This is his life mission and it doesn't matter if it's illegal or not as long as he is able to see the results of his work which is what drives him.

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Like I said before you can call "I'm Dangerous with Love" many things" from captivating to shocking to sad to even heroic but in the end it is one of the most touching documentaries you will ever see, it touches and evokes so many emotions on so many levels which really makes the film hard to talk about and explain in words. "I'm Dangerous with Love" is a must-see and one of the most powerful films I have seen this year. Michel Negroponte who Directed, Photographed and Edited the film did an amazing job capturing the subject matter, I look forward to seeing what he has coming next. The DVD will be released on April 12th so be sure to check out this extraordinary film.

Released by First Run Features

***** Out Of *****