I Do...I Did

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Cast:Shar Jackson, Antwon Tanner, Cherie Johnson, Marcus Patrick, April Scott

Director: J. Jesses Smith


Year: 2009


Hilarious circumstances leave Marcus (Marcus Patrick, "Days of Our Lives") with more women than he can handle when he ends up married to both Vivian (Cherie Johnson) and Jenny (April Scott). Complicating matters, a technical loophole forces Marcus to live in the same house with both women. He's going to have to choose between the two ladies, but neither of them is going to give Marcus up without a fight.

I wasn't sure what to make of this comedy before sitting down to watch it but after seeing it I got to say it was better than I had expected. The story is simple, Marcus and Vivian have been in love forever and finally the big day arrives when the two of them will tie the knot. But after the wedding ceremony they get into a car accident and Vivian is left in a coma with no real chance of coming out of it. Marcus makes the painful decision to have her removed from life support and now two years later he is married and has a baby on the way, life could not be any better...until the phone rings. It seems no one heard Marcus about removing Vivian from the life support and now she is awake. Marcus is Now faced with having two wives, both of which will do anything to keep their man. That is pretty much the story line, yes a lot of it just isn't realistic but if you just forget about the flaws this is a pretty decent comedy with some drama attached. It is obvious this is a low-budget production but it does look pretty good, I liked the cinematography and the camera work. The soundtrack was also good and it fit well into the story. The cast besides a few minor supporting roles were all very good. You ladies might know the lead actor, Marcus Patrick from the daytime Television soap opera, "Days Of Our Lives." The two female leads were also very good as well but the one person that stole the show when she was onscreen was, Shar Jackson, who plays Vivian's girlfriend, Candy. She provides some of the better laughs in the film each time she appears, if she had a little bigger role I think the film could of been even better. I Do... I Did is a entertaining comedy with a few touching moments long the way but mostly this is played out to get some laughs and I got say I felt the idea was good but the film could of been a bit funnier but most people that are just looking for something light to watch this should provide more than enough entertainment and laughs. Released by Image Entertainment. *** Out Of *****