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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Margot Robbie, Christian Radford, James Dean, Matt Flannagan, Natalie Blair, Ozzie Devrish, Toni Aaron, Carmel Rose Gentile, Anna Lisa Horton, Aash Aaron

Director: Aash Aaron

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

As a serial killer terrorizes the town where they're on vacation, three curious lads start snooping on a neighbor in their apartment complex and soon think they've discovered the identity of the murderer. What they don't know is that a sinister mastermind is actually watching them through a series of hidden closed-circuit security cameras.

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I.C.U. is an Australian film that takes the whole voyeurism and security camera themes to another deadly level. The story is about a brother and sister who go to spend time with their father as a kind of make-up thing for him not having time to spend with them in the past. The brother brings along a friend and when the father is called out to work at a crime scene the boys get bored and decide to use their camera, binoculars and telescope to spy on people in adjacent buildings. The boys at one point believe they witnessed a murder and when their father comes home them they tell him about it. He doesn't believe their story but goes over the the person's apartment to check it out anyway but when he gets back he is very angry and even strikes his son for what he calls "playing games." It is to late though because while the father was confronting the man he pointed out where his kids are staying so now thw tables have turned and the suspect just might be coming to get them. This is Director, Aash Aaron's second time behind the camera and it is a big improvement over his first film "Vigilante." The use of internal cameras and the cityscape plus the pulsating music which fits the film perfectly makes this a different and original take on the thriller genre. The film starts out slow, building the characters a bit before getting to the actual crime but it still has a fast pace with the busy camera work and the brother's friend who has a thing for his sister is great, he provides a number of very funny scenes early on. Once the film reaches the hour mark it gets down to business and quick, the father acting strange when approached by the kids has you scratching your head wondering what he might be up to but you're still not sure at that point what is going on because you seen the suspect in his window. So the film keeps you guessing and it has multiple twists towards the end that are sure to satisfy any fan of the genre. I loved the idea of the whole surveillance thing and it was used to the max and very successfully. The cast, many of whom are first time actors did a great job playing their characters. I.C.U. is a fun film that that went beyond what I expected.

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I purposely avoided going into details of what happens after that hour or so mark so not to ruin the film for anyone that might be looking forward to seeing it when it comes out on DVD September 21. The film teaches us that spying on others can be deadly but the I.C.U. is worth keeping an eye out for. A fast paced thrill ride that mixes together a few genres but combined it adds up to big fun. I look forward to seeing what this exciting filmmaker has to offer next as well as what this talented young cast will be doing.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****