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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Bill Clinton,Desmond Tutu,Jeffrey Sachs,Paul Farmer,Madonna

Director: Nathan Rissman

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2008

Rating: NR

A look into the lives of Malawi's 1 million plus orphans in the wake of the AIDS pandemic. It offers hope and real solutions to the challenges that people face living in extreme poverty.

I Am Because We Are is a film describing the journey that Madonna embarks on, exploring the lives of the children who have been orphaned by AIDS. The second poorest country in the world. A place where 66% of the population exists on less that $1 a day. A place where children cannot go to secondary school because they don't have the $10 per term. This is Malawi. Malawi is also a country of 12 million people, where one million are children who are orphans because their parents have died of AIDS. This film makes it extremely difficult to face these children and not feel that they are worse off than anywhere else in the world. I hate to even say I enjoyed this film as it has to be one of the most disturbing images of humans suffering I have ever see. About as powerful a film as you might find, this is a country that is only asking for help, despite their problems they are not looking for hand outs. What they do want is help in getting themselves out of poverty, all they need is the tools because these are people that have more heart and spirit than anyone else on this planet. It seems to be that the world has turned a blind eye on Malawi, the massive problems facing them just doesn't happen over night. I was heart-broken and angry by the time this film was over, how could the human race let this happen to so many people and so many children? The film is not all bad news, there are some bright moments, like when Madonna meets a little boy who is orphaned like so many others, all he wants is a chance to go to school to make a better life for himself, she makes his dreams come true as well as moving him and his siblings out of their one room living quarters to a house that has a real door. Before anyone says she should be doing something with her wealth and influence,there are many others out their with the same influences that do nothing so I have all the respect in the world for Madonna for picking up this cause. There is good news, progress is being made in educating them to take responsibility for their own lives and help is being given to help them grow their on food which is one of the major problems in Malawi. This is certainly entertaining but only because it is so powerful and eye-opening. I Am Because We Are is one of the most important movies of the year,a film that not only educates the outside world but it is also a film of hope for millions who are suffering in ways no one could ever imagine, we take a lot of things for granted in our lives but after seeing this you will rethink about your own. I can only say that this is a "MUST SEE" film and I want to thank Madonna for being a huge part of getting this made and letting the rest of us see just what is going on outside our convenient little lives.

Released by Virgil Films

***** Out Of *****