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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Timothy Olyphant, Joe Anderson, Rossif Sutherland

Director: Gary Yates

Genre: Crime/Comedy

Year: 2009

Rating: R

When his drug-addled pal Bug (Stephen Eric McIntyre) gets out of the slammer circa 1983 and discovers newfangled ATM machines for the first time, petty-crime mastermind Dick (Timothy Olyphant) hits on an idea for pulling his first (successful) bank heist. But just as Dick's misfit crew puts his foolproof plan into motion, things go wildly haywire.

This Independent tale of a heist gone wrong works well because it has actors that are believable, natural and comfortable in their roles. These are a group of losers you actually like for some odd reason even if you know what they are doing is wrong. In fact the whole message here in a dark, humorous way tells us that doing drugs and robbing is wrong so the whole feel of the flick is light yet entertaining. This is a smart, cleverly written story that stays light enough so it doesn't become too boring. You know right from the start these guys just do not stand a chance because they are just plain losers but it is a lot of fun to watch their outrageous antics anyway. As far as crime comedies go you are not going to find many better out there, the characters are just perfect and the cast couldn't of been better here at playing their roles. I loved the energy the film brought with it and it seemed like everyone involved in the film had a great time making it and the audience just feeds off it. When it comes to a heist film you may not find this much incompetence anywhere but that is why it is so enjoyable. If you are looking for a serious crime film then look elsewhere but if you want to see something a bit different then this is the film to see. I enjoyed watching this from the the opening scene all the way to the very end, there is always something happening and the film keeps a brisk pace throughout. You could do a lot worse with your time so pick this up today, I think you will be as entertained as I was.

Released by Image Entertainment.

**** Out Of *****