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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: James Karen, Courtney Gains, Darcy DeMoss, Brad Zutaut, Roberta Collins, Alba Francesca, Sorrells Pickard, Gary Wood

Director: Mark Griffiths

Genre: Comedy

Year: 1983

Rating: R

Three middle-aged men take off for the beach in search of sex and happiness in the 1984 comedy HARDBODIES. When the men arrive at the sea, sex is not exactly forthcoming as they have lost the knack of picking up women. Enter local hunk Scotty (Grant Cramer), who soon brings them up to speed, and, voila, the men are miraculously able to overcome their obvious flaws and attract the younger women they desire. This program also includes the 1986 sequel, HARDBODIES 2, which finds a Hollywood film crew travelling to Greece to shoot a movie and romance the local beauties.

Hardbodies which was released in 1984 gave new life to the beach movies from back in the 60's. I am sure you seen those movies even if your not old enough as they have been on Television countless times. You get it all here from beach parties to sexy men and women, I swear every woman in this film had to of gotten naked at least once during the film but hey I am sure your guys are not complaining. Another thing Hardbodies brought to the table was the characters which were well-developed, the actors really brought these characters to life and you really felt like you knew them which is rare in a film such as this. The script is another plus, three older bachelors hire a younger guy to party with them and train them on how to pick up younger women. How can you not love a story line like that? The film is funny and raunchy so keep the kids away when watching this one but I don't think I need to tell you that, it is still a great flick for its time and makes for some great fun together with some drinks and friends over. Hardbodies 2 may not be as good as the original over-all but it still had enough guilty pleasures and I thought it was a bit sexier than the first as well and it makes for a great summertime flick to enjoy. If Hardbodies 2 had one flaw it was that the film-makers decided to make a sequel that really wasn't one at all, both films are completely different and have nothing to do with one another at all except in name. Still on its own it is a fun film just do not expect the over-all entertainment the first one gave us. Together for the first time on DVD makes this a must own set of two movies that helped define a generation. Brainless fun and enough laughs in both films to have everyone rolling on the floor. Do yourself a favor and pick this up today, supporting releases like this help ensure that more great films from the past will find their way to DVD. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****