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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Josh Radnor, Kate Mara, Malin Akerman, Pablo Schreiber

Director: Josh Radnor

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: R

On his way to a meeting with a publisher, aspiring novelist Sam Wexler (Radnor) finds Rasheen, a young boy separated from his family on the subway. When the quiet Rasheen refuses to be left alone with social services, Sam learns the boy has already been placed in six previous foster homes and impulsively agrees to let the boy stay with him for a couple days. Dropped into Sam's chaotic, bachelor lifestyle, Rasheen is introduced to Sam's circle of friends; Annie (Malin Akerman) who has an unhealthy pattern of dating the wrong men, as well as an auto-immune disorder which has rendered her hairless, Mary-Catherine (Zoe Kazan) and Charlie (Pablo Schreiber) whose potential move to Los Angeles threatens their relationship, and Mississippi (Kate Mara), an aspiring singer/waitress who tests Sam's fear of commitment. When Sam's unexpected friendship with Rasheen develops, he realizes adulthood is not about waiting for the right answers to get the life you want, but simply stumbling ahead and figuring them out in the process.

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We all know romantic comedies are a dime a dozen nowadays and it seems like once you seen one you seen them all but then "Happythankyoumoreplease" came along and changed all that and it sets the bar for the genre in my opinion. The film is about a group of 20-something New Yorkers struggling to figure out their lives, their loves and even themselves. The film stars Josh Radnor (CBS' Emmy-nominated ''How I Met Your Mother'') who also wrote and directed the film as well. I see a very bright future for this young talent in Television or in movies, he brings a freshness to the genre I haven't seen in some time. Radnor is not alone here, he has brought together a tremendous cast to play these wonderful, well-written characters with depth. Malin Akerman, Pablo Schreiber, Zoe Kazan and Kate Mara to name a few all have a hand in not only bringing these characters to life but making them real, people we actually have feelings for. "Happythankyoumoreplease" is a Quirky little Indie that deserved more of an audience during it's theatrical run but I suppose it was too smart and clever for mainstream movie-goers who are constantly being fed less than stellar product. To talk too much about what happens to these characters in the film would be a crime, this is a film that needs to be experienced to enjoy it instead of being told about it. The film hits the mark in every aspect, from acting to direction and even the soundtrack are all perfect.

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I not only fell in love with the story but also with it's characters, made on a shoe-string budget it only proves great movies can be made without breaking the bank as long as you have a great writer,director behind it willing who knows how to reach out to his audience and can tell a story that touches and entertains. Easily one of the best films of the year, if you're a fan of the genre then this is a must-see for you and those of you that quickly became bored with the genre over the past few years I recommend picking this up, it is sure to change your opinion. Available on both DVD and Blu-ray the film comes with Special Features that include:

Audio Commentary with Producer/Writer/Director/Actor Josh Radnor and Producer Jesse Hara

Happythankyoumoremusicplease-Featuring Jaymay

Deleted Scenes

You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

**** Out Of *****