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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Traci Bingham,Judy Tenuta,Sherman Hemsley,Mike Marino, Ron Hunt, Cassandra Hepburn, Nancy Yoon, Stephanie Brown, Mario Macaluso

Director: Gregg Cannizzaro

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: N/A

A successful real estate mogul tries to rekindle a dysfunctional relationship with his womanizing father during a business trip to Hedonism II in Jamaica. They encounter an eclectic group of unpredictable characters who all must avoid two kinky film students doing a thesis on sex at Hedonism.

An Independent film clearly made on a shoe-string budget but it successes because of a very good cast and a story filled with lots of laughs. The acting varies but there are some famous faces that help take the film up another level. For starters you have the beautiful Traci Bingham and Judy Tenuta but the most famous face of all in the film has to be that of Sherman Hemsley who a lot of you will remember from the hit Television show "The Jeffersons". Sherman doesn't look like he aged a day and he brings his style of humor to the film and is certainly a highlight as the father who is hoping to rekindle his relationship with his son but can't see to stop thinking about all the women. I would have to say this is more a comedy aimed towards the guys with all it's sexy half naked women walking around and the amount of sex jokes in the film. The scenery in Jamaica is breath-taking and really helps create the mood. If you like these type of sex oriented comedies then I am sure you will find some very funny moments in the film, the cast of characters are a mixed bunch and range from geeky to completely zany. I certainly enjoyed the fun vibe the film let off and I had a good time watching it as I never knew what crazy stuff the characters were going to do next. A simple story that works well because of it's cast and funny situational gags. If you like comedy and are looking for something different I suggest picking this up when it comes out on DVD.

Released by Signa Home Entertainment

*** Out Of *****