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Cast: Louis Gossett Jr., Michael Higgenbottom, Michael Joiner

Director: David G. Evans

Genre: Christian/Drama

Year: 2010

Rating: PG-13

Everything can change in an instant...and take a lifetime to unravel. Every day, we have the opportunity to rebuild relationships by extending and receiving God's grace. Offer The Grace Card, and never underestimate the power of God's love.

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"The Grace Card" is about Memphis cop, Bill "Mac" McDonald, who, 17 years earlier, witnessed his 5-year-old son killed when police were conducting a drug bust on their street. "Mac" becomes very bitter and it puts a long strain on his relationships with his wife and son. He even looses out on a promotion that goes to an African-American cop Sam Wright. Sam has his own struggles, he preaches at a small church but with the lack of attendance he needs to continue to work as a Policeman in order to support his family. He does well with his preachings but it seems that God has other plans for him. When Sam and Mac are placed together as partners tensions begin to rise because Mac also became a racist after his son was killed. Sam is hurt by Mac's words and it effects him to the point where his wife takes notice and it also effects his preaching as well. It is not until Sam's grandfather gives him a letter from his grandfather the 1880s that helps Sam in dealing with his feelings.

Over the years there seems to be a trend where people either like these Christian-themed films or the just dismiss them right from the start, I hope everyone regardless of their faith takes notice of "The Grace Card" because even though it brings similar messages as all the others it is a much more realistic film that many will be able to relate to in one way or the other. What I mean by realistic is you see God's work through the hearts and circumstances these people are put through instead of a miracle people might have a hard time buying into, this is also a key to making the film stand-out against all the other Cristian based films. The film also has a twist to it as well which sets up the final act of the film, I can't say I never saw it coming but I thought it added more to the story. To give away details here would only ruin the experience for those waiting to see it so I am not going to spoil the story here.

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Filmed on a very low budget which was sponsored mostly by one church in Memphis, Calvary Church of the Nazarene, it is hard to tell because the film is very well made production wise. Besides the professional cast there were many non-actors used in the film as well but I thought it gave the proceedings a more realistic feel that maybe you don't get otherwise. The main cast was excellent including, Michael Joiner, Mike Higgenbottom and Louis Gossett Jr. who has a small role but an effective one. Obviously if you're looking for some action or special effects you need to look elsewhere because "The Grace Card" is a down to earth drama about letting go of the past and moving forward, it is also about forgiveness and it sends out it's messages loud and clear while remaining entertaining till the very end. It's a sad film there's no doubt about it but life throws you some curves and it's how you respond that matters the most. In the end I was left with a smile on my face and hope in my heart. First time Director, David G. Evans deserves a lot of credit here for creating a film that delivers on it's messages but also tells an effective story which to me separates "The Grace Card" from all the other Christian based films that came before it, I see a bright future for this man no matter what path of film-making he takes. The DVD will be released on August 16th and it will come packed with Special Features that include:

"Healing Begins" By Tenth Avenue North Music Video

Deleted Scenes

Give a Little Grace: Outtakes

Starting a Grace Awakening: Behind the Scenes

Wayne (Stephen Dervan) Returns

Commentary with Director David G. Evans, Executive Producer Lynn Holmes and Actor Michael Joiner

Courageous - Opening Scene

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Released by Sony Pictures

**** Out Of *****