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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Waylon Payne, Elisabeth Rohm, Stacey Dash, Roma Maffia

Director: Jack Snyder

Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Horror, Mystery

Year: 2009

Rating: PG-13

When a young female video editor loses her boyfriend in a car crash, she finds solace in watching video of him taken the night before he died. When he starts to communicate with her through that video, she must decide if he has broken through the barrier between this world and the next, or has she slipped off into madness.

Ghost Image is another film that I watched the trailer for and wasn't very excited about seeing but it ended up being a pleasant surprise. The film grabs your attention right from the start, you see Jennifer in her apartment being thrown around the room by what seems to be a spirit since you do not see anyone else in the room. But like much of this film looks can be deceiving as you find out later. After finding out that the brake line had been cut on her car which killed her boyfriend Jennifer becomes a prime suspect and to make matters worse he seems to be communicating with her through her video system. Jennifer begins to question her sanity while dealing with the Police breathing down her neck. The production values are very good for a low-budget film, it is hard to tell for the most part that there was limited resources here. Ghost Image is a thriller with a supernatural twist, both elements together make for a clever and suspenseful story. Between the great script and the excellent direction the film draws you in and keeps you guessing till the very end. The cast was terrific, Elisabeth Röhm who plays Jennifer does a fantastic job with her character, a woman on the verge of losing her mind and in pain after losing the man she loved. The rest of the cast was just as impressive and includes,Stacey Dash,Waylon Payne and Matthew Del Negro. I was taken in by the story and its many twists, just as things start to become clear a new twist is introduced which makes you rethink where the film is going and what the end might be. I was surprised to read this was made in 2007, I know there are many movies that do not find a release for a few years after being made but after watching this I wonder why no studio picked up on this long before. MTI Home Video always seems to come up with Independent gems and Ghost Image is another example of that. I purposely stayed away from giving a lot of details on the story here because the less you know the better off you are. I highly recommend picking this up, there is a lot going on here and the supernatural theme allows for a few nice scares along the way as well. Clever,original and captivating, Ghost Image is all those and more and one hell of a thrill ride.

Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****