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Cast: Pete Cox, Matthew Davis Supporting actors: Michelle Grant, Michelle Hare, Lee Roberts

Director: O.H. Krill

Genre: Documentary/Paranomal

Year: 2010

Rating: PG-13

Expert Ghost Hunters from Haunted Events UK search for life after death in the notoriously haunted Old Street Market of Sutton Town in historic old England. The area is so haunted that within minutes the investigation’s medium is contacted by not one, but four spirits, warning them not to split up or risk their lives. Ignoring the advice, they split into two teams. The first team lead by UK Paranormal Expert Lee Roberts, comes face to face with the child murderer named Tap Tap, who taunts them with noises and poltergeist activity. Team two uses thermal imaging cameras to pick up humanoid forms and warm handprints, further witnessing their devices shockingly moved before their eyes, chairs tipping over, tables levitating, glasses thrown and doors slamming. The night becomes so terrifying that the hunt is called off, but not before one final terrifying incident. You have never witnessed a ghost hunt like this before. Blair Witch was a movie. This is real. Prepare yourselves for the most shocking Ghost Hunt ever recorded.

"Ghost Attack on Sutton Street: Poltergeists and Paranormal Entities " will appeal to those that like shows such as "Ghost Hunters." Set in the UK, the film follows Paranormal Expert, Lee Roberts and his crew as the visit some place in England called Old Street Market in Sutton Town. Lee and his crew walk around the market looking for any paranormal activity. There is also a tale of a legendary ghost they know only as "Tap Tap," the stories have been handed down through generations since the 1800's. That's about all you really need to know or should know before watching this so not to ruin what happens in the film.

Billed as a real investigation but I have my doubts since most of the activity that goes on is slightly off screen. Still, I found the film to be at least interesting and there's a few scares along the way as well. If the film is a "hoax" the cast did a good job playing their parts and were very believable. There's a built in audience for these kinds of shows so if you like this sort of thing I recommend checking it out. There's a lot going on that keeps you engaged and over-all I thought is was pretty entertaining but I some how was expecting a little more from it. The DVD comes out on July 10th, you can order it HERE.

Released by Reality Entertainment

** 1/2 Out Of *****