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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Nicolas Canuel, Mark William Hauser, Alison Louder, Kaniehtiio Horn

Director: Francois Brisson

Genre: Children/Animation

Year: 2011

Rating: PG

Set in a nearly unrecognizable 2310, this computer-animated sci-fi adventure revolves around the emerging sport of "Gene-Fusion," in which competitors try to build the ultimate gladiator out of three different kinds of animal DNA.

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"Gene-Fusion" is a new CGI film for kids but the sci-fi story-line makes it an enjoyable film for adults as well. The story revolves around four orphans who are kidnapped and then rescued by Eddie Leechur who just happened to create the sport of Gene-Fusion, but Eddie has a secret of his own as well which you find out later in the film. What Gene-Fusion does is it allows the competitors to create their own creature by using different parts of animals to create one super beast and they then use them to fight in the arena. The story might sound like it could be a little too frightening for little kids but it's really not, in fact the film has some funny moments along the the way as well. There are a few simple plot twists as well which I won't spoil here but they help keep the film moving forward as well as keeping it interesting. The CGI is a bit different, it looks more like it was created for a computer game and nothing like what Pixar releases for example. Strangely though the CGI works well here and there's lots of action and color to keep the little ones entertained. As far the the cast goes I thought the voice actors all did a great job and they gave each character their own personality.

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"Gene-Fusion" doesn't break any new ground here but it's an entertaining CGI film that kids are going to get multiple viewings from. There can never be enough entertainment for our young ones so "Gene-Fusion" is a welcome addition and it will fit nicely into your DVD collection. The DVD doesn't come with any extras but you can order it HERE.

Released by MTI Home Video

*** 1/2 Out Of *****