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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jed Reese, Will Sasso, Sara Rue, Alex Borstein, Jason Barry, Matt Champagne

Director: Jackson Douglas

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

Robert, a small town priest, finds out his estranged brother desperately needs a loan for cancer treatment and secretly borrows money from the church's emergency fund to help. He finds out later that his brother has used the money to finance a porn movie with Robert as the unwilling producer.

Going off the trailer this looked like it could be a pretty good comedy and the cast listing looked like an added bonus so I was looking forward to sitting down to this adult comedy. There's not much to add plot wise, what's written above is about all you need to know. The plot is simple but that's what you want from a comedy such as this one. I read a earlier review somewhere online and the person said the film is never crude, I have to disagree with that because there are plenty of crude moments. In fact there's so many things said and done in the film that are just morally wrong but it's also a breath of fresh air seeing such a brave comedy being made. To go into details about any part of Robert's journey to visit his brother in order to get back the money he borrowed from the church fund would only ruin the film for those waiting to see it.

"For Christ's Sake" is a well made Indie comedy and the cast which includes, Jed Rees as the father, Will Sasso as his brother and Sara Rue as the porn star are a joy to watch. When you look at Will Sasso you see a big man so right away you think of him as playing a mean, tough character but it's his comedic talents that really amaze me.

As you might of guessed already, the film is not going to be for everyone so if you're easily offended I suggest you watch something a bit more family oriented but if you're like me and love this type of raunchy comedy which is something we only get to see with Independent films then I highly recommend checking it out. It's so wrong it's right, it's crude, rude and foul but it some how manages to be a bit heart-warming as well, that is what makes the film so good. I had a great time watching it and I laughed too many times to even remember but I do know it's a comedy I will revisit at some point because it demands multiple viewings and it's one you will be telling all your friends about.

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**** Out Of *****