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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ian Somerhalder, Lexa Doig, Aleks Paunovic, Colin Cunningham

Director: Kristoffer Tabori

Genre: Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Year: 2010

Rating: PG-13

While doing time in prison, an ex-football star (Aleks Paunovic) develops the superhuman ability to create and control fire. When the volatile convict escapes and starts killing his enemies, a fire inspector (Lexa Doig) and a federal agent (Ian Somerhalder) risk their lives to stop him. But things get really heated when their paths converge at a nuclear power plant.

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Fireball was a Syfy Channel thriller so you know from the start that it is not going to have the production values big budget films have. Think "Firestarter" with a male/criminal in place of the female lead. That is the easiest way to describe this thriller which comes out on DVD today, it aired last year on the Syfy Channel so if you missed it now is the time to check it out commercial free. The Syfy Channel takes a lot of heat for it's "monster" films and their below Hollywood effects, after all this time you would think people would either stop watching them or just stop complaining since you have to know by now what you are getting. What I liked about this film was the fact that it wasn't the normal "monster" stuff the channel is known for producing. It's not original but it has and does all the right things to make it entertaining. In a film such as this all you really want is lots of action and plenty of explosions and you certainly get both here. The fire effects which I am sure are easy to do nowadays still look very good and the and there is either a chase scene or another explosion around every corner. The entire cast did a fine job playing their characters the over-all production values were pretty good considering this is a made-for-TV movie, I certainly have seen worse. For a sci-fi thriller the Director does a nice job at keeping the film moving at a fast pace and by doing so it keeps the audience entertained. So if you like the genre I recommend picking this up and giving it a look at.

Released by MTI Home Video

*** Out Of *****