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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Sam Trammell, Melissa Chessington Leo, Penn Jillette, Stephen Pearlman, David Wheir

Director: Charlie Ahearn

Genre: Drama

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Novelist Sigrid Anderssen (Academy Award nominee Melissa Leo) combats a wicked case of writer's block by responding to a newspaper ad and subsequently taking to the road with oddball college student Red (Sam Trammell) and his twin brother.

An odd couple making a road trip together might sound like something you have seen over and over again but this one is original and unique. The two main characters and those they meet along the way are very believable and realistic. The film is certainly not without it's flaws but over-all it is enjoyable. The opening scenes are a bit strange and the supernatural tones of the film might have some people a bit confused so I can't say that this is for everyone but if your looking for something different this will make for a nice viewing experience. Melissa Leo is at her best her and many will notice Sam Trammell is from the hit HBO series "True Blood". Also Penn from Penn and Teller has a nice sized role in the movie and does a great job playing a character much different for him. There is a lot going on here and to give too much of it away will surely ruin the experience, released in 2000 the film finally made it to DVD so be sure and pick it up if you want to see a well-written and clever film that if nothing else is very refreshing even eight years after it's release.

Released by Brink DVD

*** 1/2 Out Of ******