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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Miles Forman, Mike Manno and Jeff Novick

Director: Michael Landsberg

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2005

Rating: PG

This candid documentary chronicles the efforts of overweight "regular Joe" Miles A. Forman to shed, once and for all, the extra 50 pounds that have burdened him for years. As Forman struggles to lose his excess baggage, he discovers -- and exposes -- the ugly underbelly of the profit-motivated weight-loss industry, along with the misconceptions that many Americans still hold about dieting and obesity.

I would guess those that are battling to keep their weight down might connect to this film more so than I did as far as relating to Miles but I did feel his pain and even learned a few things along the way. The film is pretty impressive for a low-budget effort and you can tell the film makers did their research as well. The story not only follows Miles on his mission to lose weight but it also sheds light on what big brother is not doing or telling us about but if you seen other films such as "Fast Food Nation" then none of it will come as a surprise to any of you but I do see it making you as angry as it makes me. What I liked about this film was the way you got to be a part of Mile journey, it gave the film a much needed personal feel and as the story moves along you really begin to care about this man. This guy not only battled his weight but the depression and self doubt that came with it. The film can be shocking with all it's facts but it is also inspiring,thought-provoking, and insightful as well as having some very funny moments as well. I watched this with my Teenage daughter and we were both cheering Miles on by the time the film was about to wrap up. I highly recommend this film to everyone, also make sure you watch past the credits for an end scene as it is one you don't want to miss. I must give a shout out to Director, Michael Landsberg and everyone else involved in the film for bringing to light not only the weight issues facing many of us today but all the other problems caused by the people we put our trust in.

Released by Indican Pictures

***** Out Of *****